Tune in Thursday Night, December 3 at 7pm (EST) for ArtShow Interview with Jean Plough,

host Craig Stover

Jean and Yellow Cloud - Allens Lane.jpg

ArtShow is a series of artist interviews hosted by center's Executive Director, Craig Stover.

One of the best parts of our gallery exhibition programs are the receptions and one of the things people most ask for is for the artist to take a moment to talk about their work.  We've taken the best of that and created a brand new virtual program that allows you to get immersed in our local arts community from the comfort of your home.

ArtShow is broadcast from the Carolyn and Howard Alber Gallery which showcases a wide variety of artists from our region.  You'll learn about their interests, what motivates them to create, how they got to where they are and much more.  It's more than just an interview, it's an artists conversation complete with a Q&A from audience members (via Zoom) with some of the most creative people in our community.