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Flower in Sunlight

Born in New York, I studied painting at University of the Arts, and also at the Corcoran Gallery in Washington, DC.  As a child, I often traveled since my father was in the Army. I enjoyed being in different places such as Denver, Virginia, Nashville, Maryland, San Juan Puerto RIco, and  and the Virgin Islands.


The feeling of a landscape often remains embedded in my mind. As an adult, I still paint landscapes and sometimes figures; or figures that look like landscapes, or landscapes that look like figures. It was one of these figure/landscapes that was included in an exhibition at the National Museum of Women in the Arts, “Insomnia, Landscapes of the Night”. When painting figures, I like the abstract qualities in their shapes, sometimes with the juxtaposition of words.

For many years I taught art for the School District of Philadelphia, and then taught ten years online where I was inspired by my students.  I am part of the University of the Arts Alumni Association.


I paint because it creates a link with others, and connects me to my feelings and felt sense. The process of painting is visual communication with the world, and it provides an unexpected new perspective, a sense of place and kinesthetic sense.       


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